application top tips

For a flawless finish to achieve
the natural tan look, enjoy
our fail safe step-by-step guide
to applying tan perfectly

Pre-tanning preparation
Application of tan
Post-tan tips

Pre-tanning preparation

Wax 48 hours or shave 24 hours before.

Exfoliate using a gentle scrub for the face and body which gives a smooth base for your tan and removes all traces of old tan. For best results use with the Velvotan™ Body Polishing Sponge.

On the day you plan to tan make sure your underarms are deodorant free and you have avoided using any oil based products as they can leave traces on the skin that can cause streaking.

To avoid build-up of tan in these 'problem areas' apply moisturiser generously to the feet, back of the heal, elbows, cuticles and hands only. Using a cotton bud, apply a small amount of moisturiser or Vaseline to your eyebrows and hairline if you are fair.

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